Wednesday, December 12, 2012

There was a pirate called Mighty man sitting on a big grey rock eating coconuts and there was a little boat on the sandy beach Call come along. The captain mighty man red pirate jacket lay on the sand because he was hot. After the pirates had eaten they went started to  hunt  for teaser under the sandy beach.When they found it on the cross he dig and dig and he finally found something.  Mighty man took a look in the treasure and when he look in it there  was nothing in it. When he looked in it he decided to take the box into the ship that was anchored in the deep blue sea.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Getting up in the morning. I feel lazy when my mum tells me to get ready for school. I snuggle into my blankets.When I snuggle into my blankets I feel cosy and warm so when my mother told me to get up for school.

I look at the time and it was 8.30 so I ran to my room and get dressed quickly,wash my face,brush my teeth, brush my hair and had breakfast so I run outside to go to school on our car.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Using Netbook

The reason why I like using my Netbook is because I like doing my work on the internet and because I don't need to write in my book with a pencil and paper.

My internet is going so well but before it wasn't  because I was using TLN (Manaiakalani) but now I am using Wairehe.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

On Saturday some of our school people went out for a trip to the telecom Christmas tree
When the bus arrived we started to go inside the bus I went with my dad so we started to go.Next we got there around 8pm and it was snowing and there were lots of people. There were three telecom santa line so I went inside and wish for something.

When we got started I was wondering around with my friends under the the christmas tree.So when it was 8 30pm it was cool beacuse the titanium was there and it was lots of fun when they
were finish they even signed my t-shirt. When it was 9:00 Oscar was here too and he rang santa
and santa made some jokes and it wasn’t funny at all so we had to ‘say ho ho ho’ So the christmas tress was on and it was beautiful.

I like to thank Courtney and Cathryn for inviting us to watch the Christmas tree.  

Best Friend

Hi my name is Eleva.The story I will like to share with you is about When I first Meet my Best Friend.

When we were small we were at the same preschool. Even since when we were 5 year old.When I meet my first friend I was excited to see her.

Having best friends is so cool because you can have someone to play and also talk with.

When she left I felt like I had no sister and no one to play or talk she was a kind friend to me.


Monday, December 3, 2012

One night Mary could not get to sleep.
Mary thought “Maybe the other side of the bed will be more comfortable.” Mary tried to sleep on the other side of the bed. It was no good so she went to sleep on her normal side, it was still no use.

Mary opened her eyes again, went to the window and opened the curtain, Mary saw the sky was covered with stars, she called out to her dad to cuddle her. Dad pushed the door open and asked “why are you still awake?”
“Couldn’t sleep” mary replied, Dad came and cuddled Mary by the window.

They looked outside and saw the sky. Dad told Mary he had something special for her so he picked her up and carried her downstairs. Once outside Mary saw there were lots of stars she thought there must have been trillions of them.

Mary started counting the stars, she got to about 50 before her dad had to carry her back inside to bed.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Aunt's Wedding

My Aunt's Wedding

On Saturday I went to my aunties house
to dress her up to get ready for her wedding day.While they were dressing her up me and my mum went around looking for flowers at the flower shops.When we were looking around we found a wonderful
flower just for my aunties.

Then we drove up to my aunties house. I was excited because I got to be the flower girl. So I had to dress up fast and do my hair. When I had finished dressing up and doing my hair I felt I was ugly because my hair looked too messy.The church ceremony was starting around 12 at noon.

After the 
ceremony we went to the wedding reception it was held at the Ellerslie.We ate heaps of foods and the wedding was cool and awesome.
I really enjoyed myself having lots of fun.     

Friday, November 23, 2012


Last Saturday at Eden Park the All Black game was against France. When I first saw the game starting the All Blacks had  their kick off at 7:35. When the France did a knock on so it was the All Black ball when Piri Weepu ran with the ball he pass it to Richie Mccaw and he  almost score a try so he got tackle and passed to Tony Woodcock so Tony Woodcock score the first try.

Then Piri Weepu had to kick it throw the goal post so when he did he miss it.Next it was the France turn to kick off so the All Black score a try.The All Black won.The score was 1-11.It was lots of fun.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Manaiakalani Film Festival

Last Wednesday our whole school went for a trip but different time to the movies to watch the Manaiakalani Film Festival at Sylvia Park. When we went to Sylvia Park we had to pick up are school called Panmure Bridge school so when they were on we went and when we got there we had a little rest before we go inside the movies.

Later our teacher Mr Barks side ‘’stand up room 18’’so we stood up went up stairs and started to go inside. Soon we had to find a chair to sit on. When the light went off I was happy. Next it was on so the first moves was One Direction  with 5 boys from Pt England 5 year 9,5 year 13 and den it was teacher from Tamaki College.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

‘’WoW guys did’’ you know that we had Athletes at our school. When it was the Athletes day we went outside to get really to go.I felt very scared and my legs were very numb.When we got started we got really to go our first rotation which was javelin but lucky there were two chances for the us.When we got there we went and sort a line.Next Mr Barks told us that he would show us some of the instruction and I felt really nouves.

When it was it was time for the us to start i went up and throw it my hardest.When I was finish it was no point so I did not really care so much because we had two chances. When we got to the up to me I throw it my hardest again so I sort of mess it up because it was lots of people looking at me.

Monday, November 12, 2012

 One late night, Joey and her friend christina was watching Mentalist well Joey’s mum went out to buy some guy fawkes for them. All their could hear was... “BOOM BOOM POW” goes the fireworks. Their both ran out and watched.

 As their were watching Joey’s mother came home. “Yipee” Joey and Christina was YELLING.... “we got our fireworks” nanananana. Joey’s mum went inside to get the lighter. “Oh no mum said” girls we have a problem “What mum what Joey suggested” I forgot where I put the lighter. Mum can’t you just go to countdown and buy one.

“Yeah I can but you two girls need to behave yourself well I’m gonne to countdown. I’ll be right back. Ok they're both said.

 Off went mum. Later when mum came back from countdown she yelled out JOEY,CHRISTINA i’m back so Joey and Christina run down stair’s went outside. Mum gave them the lighter, well mum went inside to have a cup of coffee.

Monday, October 29, 2012

My Favourite Toy...When I Was A Baby

When I was a baby I remember playing hide n seek with my favourite toy teddy bears. I made a little video for you to see a little about this great memory of mine.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Taking Charge

One way of taking charge is when we look after ourselves and our things. Sometimes when my mum tells me to
do the dishes I sometimes feel lazy. Usually when we finish eating our dinner I take the dishes back to the kitchen and also wash them. Often when I finish having my shower I
clean my room.

I take charge of my uniform and my clothes by putting in the right place. When someone is feeling down and upset ask them if they want to play with me. When I take charge of myself I eat healthy food. Another thing I do is looking after my net-book by keeping it safe neatly. Taking Charge means looking after your thing and I usually take charge of my family's.

Taking charge is a big thing to remember and it also means assume control.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This term room 18 is learning how to write a story, and the story I am writing about is tech. ‘’Well sit back and enjoy reading my story’’ so reason why I am writing about tech is because you can have lots of fun and also you can have three rotations ‘‘well how cool is that’’ well our three rotation is cooking, making thing out of woods and also electronic.

When I first went to tech at this College called Tamaki it was cool but lots of big peoples so my first rotation was electronic. When we went inside we meet this strange man he was our teacher and his name was Mr Maholta but the best part is when we get to make things and we also get to have five minutes break.But the sad part is when we only have 7 week when 7 week was finish our next rotation is
was making wood it it was cool.

The next day we came to tech we had to decide what thing that we what to make so I decided to make are helicopter when we were finish ur second rotation out we went to cooking and when we went inside we made chunky chocolate cookies when we finish cooking we put it in the
oven and when it was ready it was yummy. When we were finish I felt excited.            

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

‘’Wow guys’’ Did you know that we had cross country at our school?. I came second so I made it to the cross country Interzone. When it was the day for cross country interzone we went inside the hall to get ready to go. I felt very scared and my legs were very shaky. When our van arrived we got ready to go the Churchill Park School but lucky there were two van for the boys and the girls. When we got there we went and sorted out our mat to sit on. Next Miss Va'afusuaga
told us that she would show us some of the track and I felt really good because I didn't know the way to run.

When it was 10:00 it was time for the year 7 girls to run but before we had to run we had to listen to of the instructions. When she was finished it was time,so when she said Ready.....Set...Go!!.the 11 year old girls were jogging lightly down the school field. Splash!!,’’OH NO’’ my shoes are stuck,I exclaimed as I fell in the mud. So when My shoes were stuck one of my friends helped me up so we ran as fast as we could but when we caught up to them I felt very tierd so I walked and then I ran. When we got to the forest we sort of fell because it was a downhill. When we did one lap we had to do one more around the dayle so I kept on running and when we got to the end I was happy that I mangened to come 45th.

When I saw the finished line I felt very happy because I felt tired. When I went passed the finished line I went to our mat and had a drink.When we were all finished it was time for the year 7 boys to run so I switch in running to cheerleader so I was cheering.!!Run,run,run come on you can do it!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Mini Olmpics

Hey guys, did you know on Monday it was the best day ever because we had Mini Olympics.Now some of you may be saying ''what in the world are mini Olympics?" Well I can tell you that it is when we get split up into four teams of our houses and compete against the other teams. 

When it was time to start we first had to go to our house colour separated in four groups but lucky we felt like we were still all in the same group such as..... Mataatua one to Mataatua four. When it was time to start we felt so happy that we had to go first to our activity and my groups first game was sing star. This was held in the Staffroom.

Did you know that sing star was my favourite activity of all because it was cool and enjoyable.When we were finish with sing star our next activity was in the library so we went We then travelled to room 17 for jump-jam.When we finish all our activities we went to the hall to Mr Burt to tell him that we were finish so when Mr Burt look at the time we fort we had to go to class but when he open his mouth he said to us that we can have one more activity so our group were happy so our last activity was I.C.T room which was the relaxing room so we watch lots of movies and it was fun.

When we were finish all our 4 activity we went back to the hall and watch the P.E.N.N but after when we  were finish we had to watch some movies from 2009.I felt very happy that I came to school and heard about mini olympics.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My favourite sport

This term, Pt England students are learning about Olympics and my goal is to become a star at the national Netball club. So, the story I'm going to share with you is all about my favourite sport. Last term I had the opportunity to try out for my schools netball team. A few days after the trial, the players got chosen to play for the school. I was chosen to represent my school on team 2.  I was also chosen to be the team captain. I felt fantastic! Our first game was very exciting and when we got onto the court, I felt really nervous. When the beep came on to start the game, I felt really shaky.

We started to play, and as the whistle blew I ran as fast as I could to get the ball. The referee wanted me for the coin toss. The ref tossed up the coin and I chose heads and the other one chose tails. It  was heads and lucky for us, I got it so my team and I had the ball. We started as the referee blew the whistle, and I was at centre. When we played I felt nervous because I thought we were going to lose. When we lost the ball I felt upset so then I went hard to try to get  the ball from the other team and  they lost it.  I felt happy that we got the ball and then I passed it to the GS(goal shooter) and then the GS scored a goal. We won,  but it was a close game. The score was 21-19. I felt happy when we won. When we finished we had to say three cheers for the other school and then we had to  shake hands.

Thank you Ramona for editing my work and helping me.

Friday, June 29, 2012

This Term the whole Pt England Intermediate switch Classes for Taonga time because we  learning about Art Alive.So I got choses to stay at room 18 but luky room 18 are going down to Tamaki College for hockey. So soon as possible we went got ready to get our hockey stick.

Later on we went down to Tamaki College rec center. When we went inside we  started to listen to our teacher for instruction.  
We started to play our game of hockey and I was center. We played as soon my referee blew the whistle we play and when I had the ball I hit it to my friend then she scored a goal.

When she scored I ask her if she can be goal and she was
happy so we played again. Our referee called Mr Barks blew the whistle again and we played but the other team scored a goal. Lucky there were 3 rounds so we played again. Now this time I went hard out so when we got the ball I went but the other team got it so we lost.

This Term the whole Pt England Intermediate switch Classes for Tonga time because we  learning about Art Alive.So I got choses to stay at room 18 but luky room 18 are going down to Tamaki College for hockey so soon as possible we went got really to get uor shockey stick.

Later on we went down to Tamaki College rec center. When we went inside we  started to listen to our teacher for extrusion.  
So we started to play our game hockey and I was center so we play as soon my referee blow the whistle we play and when I had The ball I hit it to my friend than she scored a gold.

When she score I ask her if she can be gold d and she was
happy so we play again so our referee called Mr Barks  he blow the whistle again then we play and the other team score a
gold but lucky there was 3 round so we play again now this time
I went hard out so When we got the ball I went but the other team got it so we lost.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The indian and the cupboard

Once there was a boy named Omri. It was Omri’s birthday party, his friend didn’t appreciate his best friend, Omri birthday party.Next he went upstairs to his room, so Omri walked slowly inside and discovered an impossible little indian person who said “Do you really like him” Afterwards he went down stairs to his mum and asked him if he  can go to the kitchen and eat some of their biscuit.

Later on Omri was getting a little fed up with small
plastic figures.Omri probably had a biscuit that fulled a whole tin, probably four or three if they were put in the same place.They would place them in the room.Omri eldest brother Adiel,a helmet.Gellon,his other brother hadn’t brought him anything because he had no money at all.
(his pocket money had been stop because some time
ago in a connection with a very accident involved because
Omri’s brother broke his father's bicycle by accident.
So when Gillon’s turn back to give O mri a present for
his best birthday party Omri was very happy.But then
Omri worried that he might not get him any present at all.
Thank you to Ramona for editing my work and telling me to go back and redo it and she told me that does my writing say what I really want to say?So I like to say a huge thank you to Ramona.

Thank you!!!  ....THE END .....


Friday, May 4, 2012

Art Alive

Pablo Picasso.
At school this term we had rotations about Art Alive. Different classes had to switch class to study for this term’s topic.

Our first rotation was in room 18, and our teacher was Mr Barks. First we had to search for a artist person,his name was Pablo Diego jose Francisco de Paula Jaula Nepomuceno Maria de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santisima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso.

Next we had to sketch and then paint the photo of a portrait of picasso but before we had to paint he told us to stoke carefully so I rush and started sketching a portrait so it was a little hard for me but it was ok for me to sketch.When I finish sketching i gave it to my art teacher so i did and he said ok so i  started to paint my favourite colour  yellow,blue and red,and did you know that yellow,blue and red are a primary colour and do you know that yellow means you are happy,blue means you a feeling sad and red means you a really angry at anyone.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

About me?

Hi my name Eleva Tuipulotu and I am 11 year old and my birthday is on march the 22 and I really like to help my family.I live at Glen Innes and my street is called farringdon street.Skating is a lot of fun and another thing I like share with use is about my interest sport well it is swimming,netball and also rugby.My favourite food is chocolate and lolly.