Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our Pirate Wordle July 26 2010

These words are from pirate stories that we wrote in our books. We then wrote it in to google doc and then we copied the words into Wordle. The better words that we used were pirate, golden and wears.
By Caroline, Eleva, Turuhira

The Most Dangerous Volcano July 1 2010

I enioyed making our volcano erupt by using vinegar and baking soda.My group did really well at making our volcano scene. I like learning about how pressure makes a volcano erupt. Next time my group could do better by woking together.

Justin Bieber - June 29 2010

Justin Bieber was born in 1994 in Canada. Justin taught him self to play trumpet, guitar, and the drums. Justin joined a local singing competition and he came second. Then his mum put videos of Justin singing on Youtube.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson June 25 2010

Volcano Report

A volcano is an opening in the earth's crust, through which lava, ash and gases flow. The word volcano comes from the Roman god of fire - Vulcan.
A volcano erupts when the pressure inside the earth builds up and needs to escape. Molten rock, in the mantle, heats up. The magma chamber fills up, then the magma pushes up the vent and out of the crater.
There are three main types of the volcano. One is a cinder cone another a shield or a composite. The most dangerous one is composite volcano because it erupts violently with lava and ash. A volcano can be active,dormant (sleeping) or extinct.
A volcanic eruption can be both destructive and beneficial. Falling ash is dangerous to aeroplanes, can cover buildings and make it hard to breathe. Lava flows and lahars destroy everthing in their paths. However, sometimes eruptions can creature new fertile land.
Ash,lava and gas from deep inside the earth can be very destructive and dangerous during a volcano eruption. However if we are careful we can enjoy the benfits of new land and fertile soil.
By Eleva, Iva, Kane, Max, Onosai

Volcano Movie June 10 2010

Hi! This is my movie of me running across the front of an erupting volcano.

Rainy Day June 3 2010

At lunch I looked through the window. Falling rain fell on the grass, making lots of puddles. When it was time to pack up, there were thundering stormy noises.The puddles outside grew bigger and bigger

Iron Brion May 6 2010

Yesterday Iron Brion told us about the four healthy food groups. He told us iron is one thing that makes us strong if we eat it.

The Erupting Volcano - May 5 2010

Eleva wrote this paragraph about an erupting volcano. She has been learning about different kinds of sentences in a paragraph. Can you tell which sentences are complex in her story?

Pressure - April 22 2010

On Monday afternoon we blew up balloons to learn about pressure with Room 14. Next I huffed and puffed to blow up my balloons. After lunch time we stood up and let the balloons fly around. Sometimes lava comes from the ground. It is hot and magma heats up in a volcano.
Click here to see the movie of what we got up to.

Do the Right Thing - March 31 2010

Favourite thing at Camp - March 25 2010

Skating on the ground with T.L.C it was so fun I felt this would never happen. When we were playing limbo with T.L.C. I felt I was going down so it was out of me and Tui. So Tui went then it was my turn. It was a tie then we had to try again so I went first and then it was Tui's turn. Then she made the stick fall so I won.

Camp Thoughts -March 16 2010

Waka Animation - February 23 2010

Eleva's Hyperstudio animation shows us what she learnt about the how the Maori voyaged to New Zealand over 700 years ago.

What makes a good Pt Englander? February 10 2010

Eleva has been wondering about all the things that go together to make Pt England kids so amazing!

February in Room 14

Enjoy 2010 in Room 14 Eleva!