Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Taking Charge

One way of taking charge is when we look after ourselves and our things. Sometimes when my mum tells me to
do the dishes I sometimes feel lazy. Usually when we finish eating our dinner I take the dishes back to the kitchen and also wash them. Often when I finish having my shower I
clean my room.

I take charge of my uniform and my clothes by putting in the right place. When someone is feeling down and upset ask them if they want to play with me. When I take charge of myself I eat healthy food. Another thing I do is looking after my net-book by keeping it safe neatly. Taking Charge means looking after your thing and I usually take charge of my family's.

Taking charge is a big thing to remember and it also means assume control.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This term room 18 is learning how to write a story, and the story I am writing about is tech. ‘’Well sit back and enjoy reading my story’’ so reason why I am writing about tech is because you can have lots of fun and also you can have three rotations ‘‘well how cool is that’’ well our three rotation is cooking, making thing out of woods and also electronic.

When I first went to tech at this College called Tamaki it was cool but lots of big peoples so my first rotation was electronic. When we went inside we meet this strange man he was our teacher and his name was Mr Maholta but the best part is when we get to make things and we also get to have five minutes break.But the sad part is when we only have 7 week when 7 week was finish our next rotation is
was making wood it it was cool.

The next day we came to tech we had to decide what thing that we what to make so I decided to make are helicopter when we were finish ur second rotation out we went to cooking and when we went inside we made chunky chocolate cookies when we finish cooking we put it in the
oven and when it was ready it was yummy. When we were finish I felt excited.            

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

‘’Wow guys’’ Did you know that we had cross country at our school?. I came second so I made it to the cross country Interzone. When it was the day for cross country interzone we went inside the hall to get ready to go. I felt very scared and my legs were very shaky. When our van arrived we got ready to go the Churchill Park School but lucky there were two van for the boys and the girls. When we got there we went and sorted out our mat to sit on. Next Miss Va'afusuaga
told us that she would show us some of the track and I felt really good because I didn't know the way to run.

When it was 10:00 it was time for the year 7 girls to run but before we had to run we had to listen to of the instructions. When she was finished it was time,so when she said Ready.....Set...Go!!.the 11 year old girls were jogging lightly down the school field. Splash!!,’’OH NO’’ my shoes are stuck,I exclaimed as I fell in the mud. So when My shoes were stuck one of my friends helped me up so we ran as fast as we could but when we caught up to them I felt very tierd so I walked and then I ran. When we got to the forest we sort of fell because it was a downhill. When we did one lap we had to do one more around the dayle so I kept on running and when we got to the end I was happy that I mangened to come 45th.

When I saw the finished line I felt very happy because I felt tired. When I went passed the finished line I went to our mat and had a drink.When we were all finished it was time for the year 7 boys to run so I switch in running to cheerleader so I was cheering.!!Run,run,run come on you can do it!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Mini Olmpics

Hey guys, did you know on Monday it was the best day ever because we had Mini Olympics.Now some of you may be saying ''what in the world are mini Olympics?" Well I can tell you that it is when we get split up into four teams of our houses and compete against the other teams. 

When it was time to start we first had to go to our house colour separated in four groups but lucky we felt like we were still all in the same group such as..... Mataatua one to Mataatua four. When it was time to start we felt so happy that we had to go first to our activity and my groups first game was sing star. This was held in the Staffroom.

Did you know that sing star was my favourite activity of all because it was cool and enjoyable.When we were finish with sing star our next activity was in the library so we went We then travelled to room 17 for jump-jam.When we finish all our activities we went to the hall to Mr Burt to tell him that we were finish so when Mr Burt look at the time we fort we had to go to class but when he open his mouth he said to us that we can have one more activity so our group were happy so our last activity was I.C.T room which was the relaxing room so we watch lots of movies and it was fun.

When we were finish all our 4 activity we went back to the hall and watch the P.E.N.N but after when we  were finish we had to watch some movies from 2009.I felt very happy that I came to school and heard about mini olympics.