Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fairy Tale

One cold morning at Pt England School all the students were shivering waiting for the first bell to ring. As the first bell rang there was a girl that was smelly called Mary-Cherry. she sat on the carpet that people will never sit on.

Later it was learning time she wanted to sit next to Harry-Larry he is the popular one in our school.  As Mary-Cherry wanted to sit next to him she went up to Harry-Larry and asked if she could.. When she told him if she could sit next to him he told her that she was smelly and but beautiful..

When she heard him say it, she ran and told her principal Mr Burt. As she was running she could feel the ground move so instead of telling Mr Burt what he said she told Mr Burt that the ground was moving.

The fire alarm went on and everyone went to the field to mark the roll and see if everyone was safe. But Mary Cherry was still inside the classroom. They went searching for her.

When they found her she was sitting there crying. When she saw Harry Larry she was happy and he told her to go home and have a shower then you can be my girlfriend.

Prospective Student

* On a cold shivering day a boy who climbed up a cliff felt really exhausted as he was gripping well and saying to himself that he can do it,he finally got to the top and felt relieved.
* As he reached the top he had an acting body as he was struggle to walk toward his school .When he got there he knocked on the door and then the master pointed to his right and then slam the door.So he felt really rejected and then he sat down all day and night doing his hope and prays.Then he had another go at knocking on the door,so he knocked on the door and the master pointed to his right again.

On a cold shivering day a boy who climbed up a treacherous mountain felt really exhausted.

“Oh No” as the boy was talking to himself dangling to gripped on the treacherous  mountain.

As the boy was relieved , he pass the treacherous mountain and hoping to be accepted into kung fu school.

Super Woman

The city where I live is treacherous. The buildings and windows are damaged, the road has cracks and some of the shops have signs on them that read ‘lease’. If I were a superwoman I would save my city Glen Innes so that people will have a better life.

I would have superhuman strength so I could catch every single criminal. In Glen Innes there are many criminals, such as the scary murderers who try to kill others, the horrible thieves that steal expensive jewelry and the most terrifying gang in town - the ‘Black Power.’  

I would be able to turn invisible so that if I was in a fight I could easily escape or attack at anytime time. I would catch the scary murderers, throw the horrible thieves into prison and use my superhuman strength to take all of the Black Power to the island ‘Messybush’. It is an island far, far away that has only one house, one shop, one tree and has no way of escape. Now our city is free.  

Ten years later the the gang on the island built a raft. During those ten years they had planted trees so that they had wood in order to build. They gathered everybody on the raft they had built and said farewell to Messybush. They were out at sea for two long days and could almost see Glen Innes straight ahead.

Just when they were almost there they heard a thud underneath them and the raft capsized. Everyone fell into the water and looked around for what had hit them. It was a hideous shark! The Black Power swam for their lives as fast as they could.

They were desperate to get away from the sharks and wanted to get revenge for being thrown on Messybush by the superwoman. As they arrived on the shores of Glen Innes they noticed that something was different. There were new buildings, flash apartments, the road was smooth and shops were rebuilt and had lots of customers.

The gang was surprised that everything was brand new and saw how happy everyone was. From the corner of their eye one of them see an old lady trying to cross the road. Suddenly one of the gang members rushed towards the old lady and held her hand as she crossed the road.

Suddenly another member joins in and helped, then another member came in to block the cars, then another member and then another until the whole gang is blocked the road so that the old lady can cross. They all look at eachother and smile, one by one they take off their patches and throw them in the rubbish. The superwoman looked at them from a building top nearby, smiled and then flew away into the distance.