Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Aunt's Wedding

My Aunt's Wedding

On Saturday I went to my aunties house
to dress her up to get ready for her wedding day.While they were dressing her up me and my mum went around looking for flowers at the flower shops.When we were looking around we found a wonderful
flower just for my aunties.

Then we drove up to my aunties house. I was excited because I got to be the flower girl. So I had to dress up fast and do my hair. When I had finished dressing up and doing my hair I felt I was ugly because my hair looked too messy.The church ceremony was starting around 12 at noon.

After the 
ceremony we went to the wedding reception it was held at the Ellerslie.We ate heaps of foods and the wedding was cool and awesome.
I really enjoyed myself having lots of fun.     

Friday, November 23, 2012


Last Saturday at Eden Park the All Black game was against France. When I first saw the game starting the All Blacks had  their kick off at 7:35. When the France did a knock on so it was the All Black ball when Piri Weepu ran with the ball he pass it to Richie Mccaw and he  almost score a try so he got tackle and passed to Tony Woodcock so Tony Woodcock score the first try.

Then Piri Weepu had to kick it throw the goal post so when he did he miss it.Next it was the France turn to kick off so the All Black score a try.The All Black won.The score was 1-11.It was lots of fun.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Manaiakalani Film Festival

Last Wednesday our whole school went for a trip but different time to the movies to watch the Manaiakalani Film Festival at Sylvia Park. When we went to Sylvia Park we had to pick up are school called Panmure Bridge school so when they were on we went and when we got there we had a little rest before we go inside the movies.

Later our teacher Mr Barks side ‘’stand up room 18’’so we stood up went up stairs and started to go inside. Soon we had to find a chair to sit on. When the light went off I was happy. Next it was on so the first moves was One Direction  with 5 boys from Pt England 5 year 9,5 year 13 and den it was teacher from Tamaki College.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

‘’WoW guys did’’ you know that we had Athletes at our school. When it was the Athletes day we went outside to get really to go.I felt very scared and my legs were very numb.When we got started we got really to go our first rotation which was javelin but lucky there were two chances for the us.When we got there we went and sort a line.Next Mr Barks told us that he would show us some of the instruction and I felt really nouves.

When it was it was time for the us to start i went up and throw it my hardest.When I was finish it was no point so I did not really care so much because we had two chances. When we got to the up to me I throw it my hardest again so I sort of mess it up because it was lots of people looking at me.

Monday, November 12, 2012

 One late night, Joey and her friend christina was watching Mentalist well Joey’s mum went out to buy some guy fawkes for them. All their could hear was... “BOOM BOOM POW” goes the fireworks. Their both ran out and watched.

 As their were watching Joey’s mother came home. “Yipee” Joey and Christina was YELLING.... “we got our fireworks” nanananana. Joey’s mum went inside to get the lighter. “Oh no mum said” girls we have a problem “What mum what Joey suggested” I forgot where I put the lighter. Mum can’t you just go to countdown and buy one.

“Yeah I can but you two girls need to behave yourself well I’m gonne to countdown. I’ll be right back. Ok they're both said.

 Off went mum. Later when mum came back from countdown she yelled out JOEY,CHRISTINA i’m back so Joey and Christina run down stair’s went outside. Mum gave them the lighter, well mum went inside to have a cup of coffee.