Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Aunt's Wedding

My Aunt's Wedding

On Saturday I went to my aunties house
to dress her up to get ready for her wedding day.While they were dressing her up me and my mum went around looking for flowers at the flower shops.When we were looking around we found a wonderful
flower just for my aunties.

Then we drove up to my aunties house. I was excited because I got to be the flower girl. So I had to dress up fast and do my hair. When I had finished dressing up and doing my hair I felt I was ugly because my hair looked too messy.The church ceremony was starting around 12 at noon.

After the 
ceremony we went to the wedding reception it was held at the Ellerslie.We ate heaps of foods and the wedding was cool and awesome.
I really enjoyed myself having lots of fun.     

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