Monday, November 12, 2012

 One late night, Joey and her friend christina was watching Mentalist well Joey’s mum went out to buy some guy fawkes for them. All their could hear was... “BOOM BOOM POW” goes the fireworks. Their both ran out and watched.

 As their were watching Joey’s mother came home. “Yipee” Joey and Christina was YELLING.... “we got our fireworks” nanananana. Joey’s mum went inside to get the lighter. “Oh no mum said” girls we have a problem “What mum what Joey suggested” I forgot where I put the lighter. Mum can’t you just go to countdown and buy one.

“Yeah I can but you two girls need to behave yourself well I’m gonne to countdown. I’ll be right back. Ok they're both said.

 Off went mum. Later when mum came back from countdown she yelled out JOEY,CHRISTINA i’m back so Joey and Christina run down stair’s went outside. Mum gave them the lighter, well mum went inside to have a cup of coffee.

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