Friday, December 13, 2013

My first highlight of the year is to get to hang out with my friends because I get to have more time with them.My second highlight is was playing netball at the ackland chamions and it was cool cause we get to come 2ed. Last of all my last highlight is staying in class and doing maths because I like doing new thing like fraction.

My first low point is leaving Pt England school because it was the best school ever.My second low point is being bully from people.My last low point is saying good bye to my friends.

Netbook Reflection 2013

Year 8 camp highlight

My Highlight at Rotorua was hanging out with my friends and also going to the Kerosene Greek and the best for last was going to the luge ride and on the Gondola.

The reason why my first highlight was hanging out with my friends is because I get more time to hang out with them. Reason why my second highlight was going to kerosene Greek is also because is was soooo cool because is was hot like a spa pool and it had a little waterfall and also swimming with other people.
Last of all my reason why my last highlight was going on the luge ride was because you get to go downhill and when you are finish you can come up on the Gondola sky line and you can watch cool view.