Friday, December 13, 2013

My first highlight of the year is to get to hang out with my friends because I get to have more time with them.My second highlight is was playing netball at the ackland chamions and it was cool cause we get to come 2ed. Last of all my last highlight is staying in class and doing maths because I like doing new thing like fraction.

My first low point is leaving Pt England school because it was the best school ever.My second low point is being bully from people.My last low point is saying good bye to my friends.

Netbook Reflection 2013

Year 8 camp highlight

My Highlight at Rotorua was hanging out with my friends and also going to the Kerosene Greek and the best for last was going to the luge ride and on the Gondola.

The reason why my first highlight was hanging out with my friends is because I get more time to hang out with them. Reason why my second highlight was going to kerosene Greek is also because is was soooo cool because is was hot like a spa pool and it had a little waterfall and also swimming with other people.
Last of all my reason why my last highlight was going on the luge ride was because you get to go downhill and when you are finish you can come up on the Gondola sky line and you can watch cool view.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Year Book

Eleva Year Book from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

When I was a year 1 to 8 student I started to find a friend that I liked to play with.Her name was Lola and even though she was older than me we still had lots of fun together. As I got older (year 7) I became friends with Mary I, Jay Lee, Alex, Jessica, Makalita, Caroline, Serena , Vanessa and Senolita. When I was a year 7 I was in room 18. I had Mr Barks, he was cool but he really talks a lot.”He may talk a lot but you can learn from that and he is really a smart guy. If you come to Pt England you will have the time of your life. Then I grew a bit older to year 8 and yes it is my last year but it is cool because you can go college Next Year.Staying at Pt England School was the best hole year ever. Room 22 is my classroom I had Two teachers at one different time My teachers names is Miss Nua & Mr Barks and yes I still have Mr Barks as my teacher. Miss Nua is properly My 2ed best teacher out of the ladies because she is a kind lady and she is really helpful.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Most Memorable Time At Pt England School

My most memorable time at Pt England School is hanging out with my friends. I have 8 friends and we all like to hang out, one word to describe my friends is sporty because we all like to play different sports and we are really fit.We like to support each other and we like to stick as a family you may know that we grew up as one best friend.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Mihi

   Kia ora  koutou 
  Greetings to You all
    Kua hui mai nei
    who have gathered here

   Ki tenei kura
   to this school

  Ki te mau mai
  to bring

  I Te aroha
  the the love

Ka nui Te koa
Great is the happiness

Mo To koutou maia
foryour strength

Ki te Aro mai
In attending

Ki te Ako
to learn

Te reo Maori
The Maori language

E pa ana ki Tenei kura
concerning This School

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

All About My Holiday

It was so hot that day that my sister,brother,Miss King, Marika and I went to the mountain.The mountain had lots of fake gun and lots of hiding spots because in 1987 there was a war between Germany and Japan.I was so tired of climbing the mountain that I felt that  I have been there forever.

Laying on the ground made me feel so fresh and calm.We went in the tunnel and I almost cried because it was dark and there was lots of water on the ground.But luckily we had brought some torch to shine the light in the tunnel that we could see where we are going.

Frist day at school

When I was five years old I went to a school called Pt England. When it was my first day at school my mum dropped me off at a class and my teacher was Miss Gorge in room 3.
I went into the class and I started to cry and hugged my mum but when my mum saw Lola she told me to seat next to her so I did but I was sill crying. 

When my mum left me I wanted to run to her but I couldn't. What I looked like in my brand new uniform I had long pony tail, long black pant and a red T-shirt and jumper. I felt nervous.It didn't take me long to make friend and play with them outside and it was easy to make friends and get to played them.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


As you can see  I pick a book about A Better Life.
Reason why, because it felt really interesting and also it is is about having a better life.
It about a girl that loves school,looks forward to a wedding in the family,and puts up with elocution lessons because she knows her parents want her to have a better life.All the same,Ivana wishes her name didn't end with ich.

Then,as 1924 draws to a wedding to a close, the little community is rocked by an epidemic...not even to go to school or church.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fraction & Decimal

What I’m focusing on is Fractions & Decimals. If a bus has 48 seats and the bus company has sold 6/8 of them. How many seats have they sold?  So first of all  I know that it is a fraction and something has split into parts so I went 48/8 which is 6 but I only want 6 so 6 x 6 is 36.

So now I know that 6/8 of 48 is 36. As you can see it is just a simple thing.Why won't you have a go.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Our maths teacher Mr Barks has given us some strategies on a video to help us accelerate our maths.So we had to pick a area that we have to learn from. So what I pick was Addition with tenths,Subtraction with tenths and Addition with algorithms. Here is some link that you can learn from.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country

On Thursday the 22nd  it was the best day ever because we had Cross Country, it was yesterday. When I heard it was on at lunchtime I was happy, by the time it was lunchtime I really got nervous. Next it was time for all the house captain and leader to get organised for the cheer and also to help them support their house colours.

I was in Matatau which was colour green, my favourite colour I was also a house helper but my house captain was Alex and James there were the best captains ever. Later it was 1pm it was time for the five year old boys to run when they stood up,  we were all cheering for our house colour.

When Mr Burt blew the whistle they all started to run, I was cheering  for my house colour ‘’GO GO Matatau’’ when the boys were next  to us we said our chants .Soon it was the girl turn and we did the same thing, it went on and on and on and on.  

Later it was time for the year 7 girl to run when Mr Burt press the button the alarm went on so they started to run when I heard Mr Burt say the year 8 girl I was really shaky but I was a bit happy but lucky we have to wait for one of them to came past the starting line for their second lap.

When Chloe pass the starting line Mr Burt press the button after when he said take on mark get set go so the alarm went on so we went on. Some of them were going fast and some of them was jogging when I was running  I was in the lead by the time I went passed the starting line I looked back and Serena was at the back of me when I FINISH the second  lap I stop so Serena went past me.So she came 1ST and I came second.


Friday, August 16, 2013

My Reading Goal

This term I need to achieve my reading goal and this is what I need to achieve. I need to retell,focus,knowing new words, pronounces the word properly and moving up to a new level.This is what I like about reading it could help you knowing when to put a fullstops,capital letter and can make you read thing that you do not know. like Information,paralytic and other kind of thing.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

All About Michael Jackson

How did he become a king of pop?
Michael Joseph Jackson was an American singer-songwriter, dancer, businessman and philanthropist. Often referred to by the honorific nickname "King of Pop", or by his initials MJ, Jackson is recognized as the most successful entertainer of all time by Guinness World Records. His contributions to music, dance, and fashion, along with his publicized personal life, made him a global figure in popular culture for over four decades.

How did he become famous?
Michael Jackson is from a musical family and has been performing since the age of four.
He started out as the lead singer of the Jackson Five, a band made up of his brothers and sisters. He was the youngest in the group but he got to be the lead singer. By the time he was 10, the band had a record deal. Their first four singles all went to number one in the US charts - they were massive. The Jackson's made 20 albums - the last was in 1984.
Michael stayed in the band but also had a solo career. His first solo hit was in 1972.

Why is he in the news?
Michael Jackson has appeared in court because of claims that have been made against him by a child that he was friendly with. A warrant for Jacko's arrest was issued, and the singer handed himself in. The police in the USA say that Michael is accused of child abuse. Michael has told the court he is not guilty. It's a very serious crime, if he is found guilty he could spend up to 20 years in prison.

Para (1): How did Michael Jackson became famous?
‘’ Well ” he came up with a band called Jackson 5 with his brother and sister and also he made 20 albums.

Para(2): How did Michael Jackson became king of pop?
‘’Well the reason why’’ he was king of pop is because he came up  with his own music, dance, and fashion ‘not just because of that’’ he also recognized as the most successful entertainer of all time by Guinness World Records.

Para(3): Why is he on the (NEWS) ?
Baby dangling: As you know Michael Jackson put a towel over his son's head and dangled him out of a hotel window to show him off to a crowd of fans.

(If you are a huge fan of Michael Jackson and you would like to watch Michael Jackson Memorial
Please click on to this link Thank you.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fairy Tale

One cold morning at Pt England School all the students were shivering waiting for the first bell to ring. As the first bell rang there was a girl that was smelly called Mary-Cherry. she sat on the carpet that people will never sit on.

Later it was learning time she wanted to sit next to Harry-Larry he is the popular one in our school.  As Mary-Cherry wanted to sit next to him she went up to Harry-Larry and asked if she could.. When she told him if she could sit next to him he told her that she was smelly and but beautiful..

When she heard him say it, she ran and told her principal Mr Burt. As she was running she could feel the ground move so instead of telling Mr Burt what he said she told Mr Burt that the ground was moving.

The fire alarm went on and everyone went to the field to mark the roll and see if everyone was safe. But Mary Cherry was still inside the classroom. They went searching for her.

When they found her she was sitting there crying. When she saw Harry Larry she was happy and he told her to go home and have a shower then you can be my girlfriend.

Prospective Student

* On a cold shivering day a boy who climbed up a cliff felt really exhausted as he was gripping well and saying to himself that he can do it,he finally got to the top and felt relieved.
* As he reached the top he had an acting body as he was struggle to walk toward his school .When he got there he knocked on the door and then the master pointed to his right and then slam the door.So he felt really rejected and then he sat down all day and night doing his hope and prays.Then he had another go at knocking on the door,so he knocked on the door and the master pointed to his right again.

On a cold shivering day a boy who climbed up a treacherous mountain felt really exhausted.

“Oh No” as the boy was talking to himself dangling to gripped on the treacherous  mountain.

As the boy was relieved , he pass the treacherous mountain and hoping to be accepted into kung fu school.

Super Woman

The city where I live is treacherous. The buildings and windows are damaged, the road has cracks and some of the shops have signs on them that read ‘lease’. If I were a superwoman I would save my city Glen Innes so that people will have a better life.

I would have superhuman strength so I could catch every single criminal. In Glen Innes there are many criminals, such as the scary murderers who try to kill others, the horrible thieves that steal expensive jewelry and the most terrifying gang in town - the ‘Black Power.’  

I would be able to turn invisible so that if I was in a fight I could easily escape or attack at anytime time. I would catch the scary murderers, throw the horrible thieves into prison and use my superhuman strength to take all of the Black Power to the island ‘Messybush’. It is an island far, far away that has only one house, one shop, one tree and has no way of escape. Now our city is free.  

Ten years later the the gang on the island built a raft. During those ten years they had planted trees so that they had wood in order to build. They gathered everybody on the raft they had built and said farewell to Messybush. They were out at sea for two long days and could almost see Glen Innes straight ahead.

Just when they were almost there they heard a thud underneath them and the raft capsized. Everyone fell into the water and looked around for what had hit them. It was a hideous shark! The Black Power swam for their lives as fast as they could.

They were desperate to get away from the sharks and wanted to get revenge for being thrown on Messybush by the superwoman. As they arrived on the shores of Glen Innes they noticed that something was different. There were new buildings, flash apartments, the road was smooth and shops were rebuilt and had lots of customers.

The gang was surprised that everything was brand new and saw how happy everyone was. From the corner of their eye one of them see an old lady trying to cross the road. Suddenly one of the gang members rushed towards the old lady and held her hand as she crossed the road.

Suddenly another member joins in and helped, then another member came in to block the cars, then another member and then another until the whole gang is blocked the road so that the old lady can cross. They all look at eachother and smile, one by one they take off their patches and throw them in the rubbish. The superwoman looked at them from a building top nearby, smiled and then flew away into the distance.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Giant

The moment I woke up. I discover to my amazement that I was the size of a giant! Today was going to be a very interesting day indeed!

As soon as possible I got up of my bed and realized that I couldn't fit through the door so I tried 7 times and it still wasn’t  working.  So, I tried one more time.  I did it!   I felt relieved but was also a bit  disappointed because I busted down my house.

I tried to text my friend but my phone was too small so I decided to walk to her house.As I got to my friend house I just remember that she had a door so I just shouted out her name ‘Mary Mary come out’ she reply back coming down the stair.

As she got to the door open it and laugh at me and so I forgotten that I was a giant so he told him want happen so they went back his house.    

She laugh and laugh because it got busted down.When I saw a little ant I forgotten that I was a giant.    

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


This Is a movie about ABC Michael Jackson So seat back and realax!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This my online shopping deals

The Family

Hi my name is Eleva and I am 12. I have three brothers and two sisters. My brothers are aged 10, 16, 17 and 21.  My sisters ages are 14 and 20.  My parents are aged 48 and 46.

My brothers names are Sateki, Uluaki, Nolisi and Sione and my two sisters are Kaloni and Meleane. My dads name is Mino and my mum name is orita.

My sister and brother are really special to me because I am surrounded around them and when we have time to do something in our own sphere time we go out to the park and have a moment laughing and also having fresh air.

I love my family because they're a  really creative. So that is  all about my family tree..   

Thursday, May 30, 2013

This is a story about ikerry so seat back and watch and enjoy the show

Monday, May 20, 2013

On Thursday the 8 of may our whole school had a assembly .Other school came because of the Manaiakalani  trust,when we started our principle called  Mr Burt said there would be a famous guest coming from Black eye peas I was very excited to see a famous person when we had to guess the famous person from Black our peas I fort it was Forgi when we had to shout out the famous person they all shouted  and when their was a photo of I was excited.

Later when we waited for to come we partice some of the thing that we were going to do. Finally came though the door i was amaze when he came though I really wanted to huge him but I felt shy so he sat down on the chair and as he sat on the chair  Vivane said the karakia in Tongan and Patrick said a mihi.After the mihi the kapahaka came on the stage and started to perform after the perform it was Hip Hop.

When it was finish he started to say a speech about his family and seeing him holding a white broad I wonder what it was when he showed us it was $100.000 check for the Manaiakalani trust.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Camp Argument

In my opinion I think we should have a year 7 and 8 camp .Because We can learn new games and when we go home we can play it and show the games to our little brother and sister.And you can learn how to cook yummy food and the best thing is going swimming.

Firstly camp is great fun and you get to learn how to play new games. I think that learning new games is cool, so when you go home you can play some of the games you learnt at camp. I hope that we get to learn different kind of games that has skills involved.

Secondly what I like to do is cooking that is one of the best thing .Because you can learn how to cook ,also you can do some cooking at home.For example if you're the oldest and your mum and dad goes to work you might have to cook dinner for your little sisters and brothers and you might not know how to cook.

Last of all going Swimming is the best and also you can get technique. You get to learn how to be safe in the water.But at the same time you get to have free time after kayaking.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Camp Argument

In my opinion I think we should have a year 7 and 8 camp .Because We can learn new games and when we go home we can play it and show the games to our little brother and sister.And you can learn how to cook yummy food and the best thing is going swimming.

Firstly camp is great fun and you get to learn how to play new games. I think that learning new games is cool, so when you go home you can play some of the games you learnt at camp. I hope that we get to learn different kind of games that has skills involved.

Secondly what I like to do is cooking that is one of the best thing .Because you can learn how to cook ,also you can do some cooking at home.For example if you're the oldest and your mum and dad goes to work you might have to cook dinner for your little sisters and brothers and you might not know how to cook.

Last of all going Swimming is the best and you get to learn how to be safe in the water.But at the same time you get to have free time after kayaking.

Monday, March 18, 2013

TEAM WORK from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

This movie is about team work
My sister called Kaloni has long black straight hair and she 14 at  June the 9 and was born in 1999 and she has dark brown eyes and brown skin and she is tall as a tree and loud as a monkey.
She is a drama queen and sometimes lazy at home and at school and she is also sometimes bossy.She goes Tamaki College.She is intelligent when she is a hard worker.She Cheeky and sometime bounces back to my mum.
She likes to play lot of sport also singing and she really like to drum at home,school and places.
I like to play with my sister outside and going out with her.

This movie is about my digital footprint about when you are online. For example When you are doing something stupid online and you go to your history and you trash out something bad you have done you are leaving a digital footprint. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Show Not Tell

Standing on the concrete makes my feet stream like I was on the BBQ. Touching my forehead while it was dripping I felt my head was boiling.Wiping  my head    

Monday, March 4, 2013

A gril who was sacred.

This morning we all completed our first Writing Sample for 2013.
I have posted it just as a wrote it just as I wrote it in the 40 minutes that we were given.

One day there was a  girl and boys called Mary and Luke and they were 19 and 9 they once live in a big huge house called the Dally House.The next morning Mary woke up and as soon she woke up Mary ran down the stair to see what she can make for her and Luke.After When Mary finish making the food  Luke woke up and came down with a smile face as he came down he told Mary he going to start school so they ate and when it was 8.30 am Mary made his lunch  and Luke went up stairs to get really for school.

When it was Mary went and drove Luke to school at fancier primary school.
When they  got there she wave goodbye and said I’ll come and pick you up at so she went of home to get really to go shopping for there shoes so she went home and got really.Later some random person said open the door with a low voice so she went down stair  to open the door but when she got to the door she was sacred.

Because she saw a man holding something on his he so she ran and lock every door or a window that was open so she really wanted to go shopping for their shoes.
Lucky Because she had her phone with her  so she rang the police with tears on her face.  

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Bio Peom

Nervous,Kind and shy person.
Daughter of OLita and Mina. I am a sister of Sione, Meleane, Nolisi, Uluaki, Kaloni and Sateki.   
Lover of my family,friends and sport.
Excited when I hang out with my family.                  
Have been to Kawau Island for three days.
Scared of Ghost,Sharks and Rat.
I want to go Back to Kawau Island.  
Resident of Glen Innes.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Holiday

During the holiday my family and I went to our cousin 21st At Tamaki College at 1.oo pm.When we started we first had to pray and then start.

Next we sang the happy birthday song and then  my uncle had to hand out the 21st   key.Later it was eat time but first we had to pray  again. When it was finish we ate,then I had to stood up and say a speech about when I first meet her.

During saying the speech I cry but it was all right but I was shy.When i finish I  ate and the food was nice.When it was finish she manage to get $900.35.