Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country

On Thursday the 22nd  it was the best day ever because we had Cross Country, it was yesterday. When I heard it was on at lunchtime I was happy, by the time it was lunchtime I really got nervous. Next it was time for all the house captain and leader to get organised for the cheer and also to help them support their house colours.

I was in Matatau which was colour green, my favourite colour I was also a house helper but my house captain was Alex and James there were the best captains ever. Later it was 1pm it was time for the five year old boys to run when they stood up,  we were all cheering for our house colour.

When Mr Burt blew the whistle they all started to run, I was cheering  for my house colour ‘’GO GO Matatau’’ when the boys were next  to us we said our chants .Soon it was the girl turn and we did the same thing, it went on and on and on and on.  

Later it was time for the year 7 girl to run when Mr Burt press the button the alarm went on so they started to run when I heard Mr Burt say the year 8 girl I was really shaky but I was a bit happy but lucky we have to wait for one of them to came past the starting line for their second lap.

When Chloe pass the starting line Mr Burt press the button after when he said take on mark get set go so the alarm went on so we went on. Some of them were going fast and some of them was jogging when I was running  I was in the lead by the time I went passed the starting line I looked back and Serena was at the back of me when I FINISH the second  lap I stop so Serena went past me.So she came 1ST and I came second.


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Faa'ao said...

Hey Eleva,

I really enjoyed reading your story about Cross Country but there is some thing you have to fix but that's okay. Keep Up The Good Work :D