Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Family

Hi my name is Eleva and I am 12. I have three brothers and two sisters. My brothers are aged 10, 16, 17 and 21.  My sisters ages are 14 and 20.  My parents are aged 48 and 46.

My brothers names are Sateki, Uluaki, Nolisi and Sione and my two sisters are Kaloni and Meleane. My dads name is Mino and my mum name is orita.

My sister and brother are really special to me because I am surrounded around them and when we have time to do something in our own sphere time we go out to the park and have a moment laughing and also having fresh air.

I love my family because they're a  really creative. So that is  all about my family tree..   

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Sateki said...

Hi Eleva thanks your the best sister ever. Love from Satrki your little mounky brother.