Monday, May 20, 2013

On Thursday the 8 of may our whole school had a assembly .Other school came because of the Manaiakalani  trust,when we started our principle called  Mr Burt said there would be a famous guest coming from Black eye peas I was very excited to see a famous person when we had to guess the famous person from Black our peas I fort it was Forgi when we had to shout out the famous person they all shouted  and when their was a photo of I was excited.

Later when we waited for to come we partice some of the thing that we were going to do. Finally came though the door i was amaze when he came though I really wanted to huge him but I felt shy so he sat down on the chair and as he sat on the chair  Vivane said the karakia in Tongan and Patrick said a mihi.After the mihi the kapahaka came on the stage and started to perform after the perform it was Hip Hop.

When it was finish he started to say a speech about his family and seeing him holding a white broad I wonder what it was when he showed us it was $100.000 check for the Manaiakalani trust.


Faa'ao said...

Hi Eleva ,

I really enjoyed your story about Will.I.Am . I was really amazed when he walked down the isle......

Jessica said...

Hi Eleva,

What a wonderful story that you have putted together.I liked every single paragraphs in your story.But you really need to go back and check your mistake. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see more on your blog post again.