Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fairy Tale

One cold morning at Pt England School all the students were shivering waiting for the first bell to ring. As the first bell rang there was a girl that was smelly called Mary-Cherry. she sat on the carpet that people will never sit on.

Later it was learning time she wanted to sit next to Harry-Larry he is the popular one in our school.  As Mary-Cherry wanted to sit next to him she went up to Harry-Larry and asked if she could.. When she told him if she could sit next to him he told her that she was smelly and but beautiful..

When she heard him say it, she ran and told her principal Mr Burt. As she was running she could feel the ground move so instead of telling Mr Burt what he said she told Mr Burt that the ground was moving.

The fire alarm went on and everyone went to the field to mark the roll and see if everyone was safe. But Mary Cherry was still inside the classroom. They went searching for her.

When they found her she was sitting there crying. When she saw Harry Larry she was happy and he told her to go home and have a shower then you can be my girlfriend.

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Tes Taliauli said...

Hi Eleva,
That was a very interesting piece of writing. I enjoyed how you used your writing skills to make it enjoyable to read. I also love the twists that you added. Keep up the good work.