Monday, March 18, 2013

My sister called Kaloni has long black straight hair and she 14 at  June the 9 and was born in 1999 and she has dark brown eyes and brown skin and she is tall as a tree and loud as a monkey.
She is a drama queen and sometimes lazy at home and at school and she is also sometimes bossy.She goes Tamaki College.She is intelligent when she is a hard worker.She Cheeky and sometime bounces back to my mum.
She likes to play lot of sport also singing and she really like to drum at home,school and places.
I like to play with my sister outside and going out with her.


Leila said...

Hey Eleva.....

I really love how you described your sister. She sounds like an awesome, outgoing, fun person. Keep posting more post and keep up the extroadinary work.


Faa'ao said...

Hi Eleva ,

I really love how you described about your sister .