Friday, September 7, 2012

Mini Olmpics

Hey guys, did you know on Monday it was the best day ever because we had Mini Olympics.Now some of you may be saying ''what in the world are mini Olympics?" Well I can tell you that it is when we get split up into four teams of our houses and compete against the other teams. 

When it was time to start we first had to go to our house colour separated in four groups but lucky we felt like we were still all in the same group such as..... Mataatua one to Mataatua four. When it was time to start we felt so happy that we had to go first to our activity and my groups first game was sing star. This was held in the Staffroom.

Did you know that sing star was my favourite activity of all because it was cool and enjoyable.When we were finish with sing star our next activity was in the library so we went We then travelled to room 17 for jump-jam.When we finish all our activities we went to the hall to Mr Burt to tell him that we were finish so when Mr Burt look at the time we fort we had to go to class but when he open his mouth he said to us that we can have one more activity so our group were happy so our last activity was I.C.T room which was the relaxing room so we watch lots of movies and it was fun.

When we were finish all our 4 activity we went back to the hall and watch the P.E.N.N but after when we  were finish we had to watch some movies from 2009.I felt very happy that I came to school and heard about mini olympics.

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