Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This term room 18 is learning how to write a story, and the story I am writing about is tech. ‘’Well sit back and enjoy reading my story’’ so reason why I am writing about tech is because you can have lots of fun and also you can have three rotations ‘‘well how cool is that’’ well our three rotation is cooking, making thing out of woods and also electronic.

When I first went to tech at this College called Tamaki it was cool but lots of big peoples so my first rotation was electronic. When we went inside we meet this strange man he was our teacher and his name was Mr Maholta but the best part is when we get to make things and we also get to have five minutes break.But the sad part is when we only have 7 week when 7 week was finish our next rotation is
was making wood it it was cool.

The next day we came to tech we had to decide what thing that we what to make so I decided to make are helicopter when we were finish ur second rotation out we went to cooking and when we went inside we made chunky chocolate cookies when we finish cooking we put it in the
oven and when it was ready it was yummy. When we were finish I felt excited.            

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