Wednesday, September 12, 2012

‘’Wow guys’’ Did you know that we had cross country at our school?. I came second so I made it to the cross country Interzone. When it was the day for cross country interzone we went inside the hall to get ready to go. I felt very scared and my legs were very shaky. When our van arrived we got ready to go the Churchill Park School but lucky there were two van for the boys and the girls. When we got there we went and sorted out our mat to sit on. Next Miss Va'afusuaga
told us that she would show us some of the track and I felt really good because I didn't know the way to run.

When it was 10:00 it was time for the year 7 girls to run but before we had to run we had to listen to of the instructions. When she was finished it was time,so when she said Ready.....Set...Go!!.the 11 year old girls were jogging lightly down the school field. Splash!!,’’OH NO’’ my shoes are stuck,I exclaimed as I fell in the mud. So when My shoes were stuck one of my friends helped me up so we ran as fast as we could but when we caught up to them I felt very tierd so I walked and then I ran. When we got to the forest we sort of fell because it was a downhill. When we did one lap we had to do one more around the dayle so I kept on running and when we got to the end I was happy that I mangened to come 45th.

When I saw the finished line I felt very happy because I felt tired. When I went passed the finished line I went to our mat and had a drink.When we were all finished it was time for the year 7 boys to run so I switch in running to cheerleader so I was cheering.!!Run,run,run come on you can do it!!

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