Thursday, November 24, 2011

On Tuesday morning at 7:00 we took our bag to the coach
bus to travel to Kawau Island beach to catch the ferry at 7:30.
When we catch the ferry first we had to take our bag to the
front of the ferry but it talk like one minute to wait for it to load.
When we had to wait for one minute we went in our group,my group
name was Katz we were leading but Benson catch up so we came third.

Next it was finish so we went
in the ferry I was to excited to go up there so when we
started to go I went to the top
because I wanted to see the dolphin so when we got there
I was very excited to see our cabin so we went in line to get
our bag and put them at the Deck.

Then we went for a hike up the hill to see the beach,when we were
there we had our lunch and the we could do some game,the thing I
like was eating oysters with my friend Serena then we had to go
back up again and I was exhausted because I had to climb up the
hill when we got there I felt bazaar because we got there fast I got there with
Mr Somerville.

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Katrina PES said...

Hi Evela, i liked how you presented your story and how you put lots of effort in it.Hope i get time to read some more wonderful stories like this one i have read now.

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