Wednesday, December 5, 2012

On Saturday some of our school people went out for a trip to the telecom Christmas tree
When the bus arrived we started to go inside the bus I went with my dad so we started to go.Next we got there around 8pm and it was snowing and there were lots of people. There were three telecom santa line so I went inside and wish for something.

When we got started I was wondering around with my friends under the the christmas tree.So when it was 8 30pm it was cool beacuse the titanium was there and it was lots of fun when they
were finish they even signed my t-shirt. When it was 9:00 Oscar was here too and he rang santa
and santa made some jokes and it wasn’t funny at all so we had to ‘say ho ho ho’ So the christmas tress was on and it was beautiful.

I like to thank Courtney and Cathryn for inviting us to watch the Christmas tree.  

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