Thursday, June 14, 2012

The indian and the cupboard

Once there was a boy named Omri. It was Omri’s birthday party, his friend didn’t appreciate his best friend, Omri birthday party.Next he went upstairs to his room, so Omri walked slowly inside and discovered an impossible little indian person who said “Do you really like him” Afterwards he went down stairs to his mum and asked him if he  can go to the kitchen and eat some of their biscuit.

Later on Omri was getting a little fed up with small
plastic figures.Omri probably had a biscuit that fulled a whole tin, probably four or three if they were put in the same place.They would place them in the room.Omri eldest brother Adiel,a helmet.Gellon,his other brother hadn’t brought him anything because he had no money at all.
(his pocket money had been stop because some time
ago in a connection with a very accident involved because
Omri’s brother broke his father's bicycle by accident.
So when Gillon’s turn back to give O mri a present for
his best birthday party Omri was very happy.But then
Omri worried that he might not get him any present at all.
Thank you to Ramona for editing my work and telling me to go back and redo it and she told me that does my writing say what I really want to say?So I like to say a huge thank you to Ramona.

Thank you!!!  ....THE END .....


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