Friday, June 29, 2012

This Term the whole Pt England Intermediate switch Classes for Taonga time because we  learning about Art Alive.So I got choses to stay at room 18 but luky room 18 are going down to Tamaki College for hockey. So soon as possible we went got ready to get our hockey stick.

Later on we went down to Tamaki College rec center. When we went inside we  started to listen to our teacher for instruction.  
We started to play our game of hockey and I was center. We played as soon my referee blew the whistle we play and when I had the ball I hit it to my friend then she scored a goal.

When she scored I ask her if she can be goal and she was
happy so we played again. Our referee called Mr Barks blew the whistle again and we played but the other team scored a goal. Lucky there were 3 rounds so we played again. Now this time I went hard out so when we got the ball I went but the other team got it so we lost.

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